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All horses/ponies must have their passports with them during travel – this is a legal requirement under the Horse Passports (England) Regulation 2004. I regret that I cannot transport your horse/pony if it does not have its passport with it and a fee to cover costs already incurred will be charged.  


Under the Welfare of Animals (Transport) Order 1997 (WATO) I cannot transport any animal unless it is fit for travel. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that their horse or pony is allowed and fit for travel. If your horse or pony is incapable of, or unfit for, travel, in my opinion, I reserve the right to refuse to transport it and a call-out fee will be charged to cover any costs I have already incurred.  


Whilst I have my own insurance in place, you must ensure that your horse/pony is properly insured to travel and also participate in any activities you intend to take part in before and after you arrive at your destination (including public liability for damage to persons/property caused by your horse).    


Reasonable wear and tear to my horsebox is expected and covered in my fee for transportation, but customers will be liable to cover the cost of repair for any excessive damage caused by their horse/pony to the horse transport vehicle.  


Any quote for transport will include 45 minutes of loading time (20 minutes if on a shared load) free of charge. Whilst every effort will always be made, in the rare event of a horse being incapable of being loaded a charge will be made of £1 a mile for the round trip, plus £10 per half hour or part thereof for any additional time spent loading in excess of 1 hour.  



Either the customer, owner or someone nominated by the customer is required to be present whilst the horse is being loaded/unloaded, unless previously agreed otherwise. Failure to be present at the loading address preventing the journey from going ahead will incur a charge for my time/mileage to be calculated on a individual basis.  


I am happy to carry some tack or other equipment along with your horse/pony and have a small storage area for this, but any loss or damage to personal items is not covered by my insurance and is the customer’s responsibility.


  All journeys are to be paid for in full before the day of transportation.



   •A cancellation fee of 100% will be issued for any booking cancelled within 24 hours of the date of transport.

      If another trip can be arranged, I can return 50% of the transport cost.



By accepting a quote from Matt East Equine Transport and confirming a booking the customer agrees to the Terms and Conditions outlined above.



Please note - I am unable to confirm bookings unless customers provide all the required details of the journey and will not be able to undertake a route until a booking is confirmed



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