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1) How many horses can your horsebox carry?

Although my horsebox has space to carry two 16.3hh horses comfortably, the weight limit means that I can normally only take one large horse (over 16hh) with equipment and a passenger and remain within the legal limit. I can usually carry two smaller horses/ponies or a mare and foal. I may be able to carry two larger horses, depending on weight and equipment and whether or not they are being accompanied by you - please contact me to discuss your personal requirements.


2) Is it possible to carry a mare and foal?

Yes, the horsebox has an removeable partition allowing the mare and foal to travel together in safety and comfort.


3) Can you supply hay nets and water?

I always ensure that there is ample water and top quality hay is available. If your horse requires haylage or any specialist feed, this would have to be provided by you.


4) Do you carry first aids kits on board?

Yes, I carry both human and equine first aid kits located in the cab.


5) What about horsebox hygiene?

After every journey, the horsebox is disenfected with DEFRA Approved Virkon S for the best possible disease prevention and control.

Click here for more information on Virkon S


6) How do you work out quotes?

I don't have a fixed rate. Each quote is worked out personally for the customer based on your own specific requirements.


7) What about emergency call out? Is there an extra charge?

I am available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with no additional call out charge for out of hours, unlike many other transport companies. Given that an emergency call out is usually only because your horse has a problem, I don't believe that it is fair to add to your worries by charging extra.


8) Are You fully insured?

Yes, I am fully insured for hire and reward as well as having horsebox and equine breakdown insurance. All customers are advised to have their own insurance in place for their horses.




9) Do you have a valid authorisation certificate which entitles you to transport equines?

Yes, I am an Authorised Horse Transporter for journeys up to 12 hourse, commonly known as a T2 horse transporter.


10) Do you do self-drive hire?

No, not at this time.


11) Do you do shared loads?

When requested I do have shared load spaces come available (please see the transport deals section).


12) My horse can sometimes be a nervous traveller, will you be able to monitor it?

All throughout the journey, I am able to monitor the temperature in the horsebox from the cab and have your horse on CCTV at all times. Regular stops are also taken to check your horse and offer water and more hay if needed.


13) Does my horse require its passport to travel with you?

Yes, EU regulations now require passports to accompany all horses when they travel. I regret that I am unable to transport a horse without a passport.


14) Is there room on your horsebox for my horse's wardrobe?

Yes, but I do only have a small grooms area so can only carry limited items


15) Is there a cancellation fee?

I may ask for a non-refundable deposit to secure your booking, depending upon journey length and type. Payment is due in full on or before the day of travel.


16) What do I need to do in order to prepare for my horse's transport?

You have to supply your horse's passport as I can't transport them without it and any food other than hay. Depending on the nature of your trip there may be other things you might wish to bring. I would be happy to discuss this with you before the journey.


17) Can I travel with my horse?

Yes, you are very welcome to accompany your horse (routes permitting) and I have room for up to two passengers. If you do not wish to travel with your horse that is fine, but I obviously need someone responsible at both the pick-up and drop-off points.


18) Are there any types of equine that you won't carry?

No, I am am equally experienced with and happy to carry Shetlands to Clydesdales and everything in between!

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